Project P.O.O.R

Passing On Our Resources

In 2004, while visiting Nigeria, God spoke to our hearts to pass on our resources. God said that we are the Josephs that have gone on before our brethren, and now is the time to give back to others that which God has given unto us. From that moment, it has been our mission to make an impact globally, not just in Lagos, Nigeria, but also in Bangalore, India, and Managua, Nicaragua.

Lagos, Nigeria - Through our covenant relationship with Dr. Timothy Infedorama of Mercy Chapel International, Project P.O.O.R. supports many pastors with finances, food, clothing, and opportunities for the people of God to start their own businesses. CALIM has given hundreds of dollars to sponsor many business owners and thousands of dollars to support the work of various pastors throughout Africa.

Bangalore, India - Our good friend and covenant brother, Apostle Ebenezer George oversees The Full Gospel Church and the S. A. George Children Home in Bangalore. Project P.O.O.R. supports this operation with resources and finances to help feed, clothe, and educate many children that reside a the home. Since Project P.O.O.R. began supporting the S. A. George Children Home, the home has grown tremendously; a bigger and better home is in the works.

Managua, Nigeria - Pastor Daniel Ortega, a dear friend, and covenant brother, heads up a program that supports many pastors and church leaders with Bibles, leadership training and leadership materials. Project P.O.O.R. supports this program by providing financial and training resources. Project P.O.O.R. assisted in training, mentoring, and empowering thousands of pastors with the tools that they needed to do ministry. Further, many of the parishioners of the local ministries did not have Bibles and Project P.O.O.R. provided Bibles written in their language so that they could read the Word for themselves.